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Factory Plant Associates Ltd undertakes turnkey projects in a wide range of manufacturing industries on a worldwide basis. This website describes the F.P.A. organisation, skills and track record.

“We provide the best in customer service and satisfaction with professional results”

Since 1946 Factory Plant Associates Limited (formerly known as Factory Plant Removals Ltd) has been in the business of moving equipment and machinery throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world.

We are a specialist contractor providing a comprehensive and full turnkey service for decommission, removal and installation of automated manufacturing systems, production process lines, machinery that is customer bespoke and stand alone machines common place in all manufacturing industries. Our dedicated staff can arrange a free no obligation site visit at short notice to discuss any requirements that you may have with a view to moving your equipment, from single lift machines to a complete factory move and anything complex in between.

How well do you really know our Company?

Our Former Managing Director, Mr B. R. Jones had owned the company from 1982 – 2012 before sadly passing away through ill health and has worked for the company since 1963, it is the reason why the company exists and through his working ethics and passion, the directors of the company continue to strive forward to uphold and maintain his legacy.


Managing Director: Wayne Jones commented on his vision.

”What we have developed and understood over many years is that we are a service provider, clients don’t wish to see modern office facilities to be greeted in, over staffed admin and an abundance of senior management to as a ‘reason to overinflate prices’ we don’t manufacture or produce a component for first tier Companies to attend and accredit us for, we are here to make profit, yes, but profit only can be achieved through experience, delivery, support, recommendation and above all trust.

I shall continue to drive my business in the manor to which i believe can accommodate my clients, my experience along with my staff’s ability to deliver the expectation of the client will be the driving force to our success and in return my client will succeed with the value’s offered to them from our support.”

We are a specialist contractor providing a comprehensive service for removal and installation of automated manufacturing systems and machinery. This includes and not limited to:

  • Single machine moves
  • Internal relocations
  • New equipment installations
  • Secondary M&E installation/disconnection
  • Machinery Dismantling
  • Factory clearance & full clean up
  • Transporting heavy plant & abnormal loads
  • Warehouse and Storage
  • European and Worldwide dedicated transport
  • Fabrication work to modify any plant installation
  • Electrical, Water, Gas & Air
  • Groundworks & Civil

Company Insurance

To protect it’s clients from financial and legal exposure, the work carried out by the company is covered by the following insurance:

  • Engineering all risks and any one accident limit is £500,000*
  • Public and products liability £10,000,000
  • Employers liability unlimited
  • *Additional increases in cover can be arranged at your request subject to additional premiums


F.P.A. recognise in all cases the importance of confidentiality in its relationship with clients. To this end, the company and its employees acknowledge that specifications and information provided in the course of contract work shall not be disclosed to other parties without written consent

What Our Clients Say

We have been dealing with Factory Plant Associates Ltd for over one year. In this time they have been involved with us in the move of two manufacturing units. We have found them to be reliable and efficient in all the work they have done for us.


I first found the contact details for Factory Plant Associates on the internet. From my first conversation they were professional, understanding and experienced in delivering to my requirements.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Factory Plant Associates Ltd for a professional job carried out on time and within budget. The timing and planning was done on a very strict programme to relocate our factory into new premises, being able to utilise weekend working patterns and outside normal working hours allowed us to minimise on Company downtime. I would recommend anybody who may require your facilities!


The production teams have identified the way your company has worked together with them to keep to the required timescales, in a safe manner and to ensure as little impact on the depot production processes and requirements was excellent. Once again, many thanks for making such a good start to this project and I look forward to working with you in the future.


May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your professional manner with which Factory Plant Associates Ltd relocated our heavy machinery to our new manufacturing facility.

I was most impressed with the efficiency and flexibility you all set about achieving the task when our agreed relocation schedule had to be revised to meet the requirements of the business when we had to prioritise the use of our resources to meet the business relocation plan. This had to be managed during a very short window of opportunity and completed on time to receive the next aircraft under our contracted aircraft maintenance schedule.

Phil Davies Procurement Manager Defence Support Group

Factory Plant have relocated 3 sites under my control, all the sites had large machinery and even process lines which were awarded to them under contract.

The management team were productive and very professional, giving us all the data required to move heavy plant on a detailed schedule that was required to ensure a safe, cost effective solution. further to add the staff were very polite, punctual and very conscious of the working environment that TATA adhere to. They implemented there skills  with professionalism and seldom required to be looked over whilst they carried out numerous operations.

we will  continue to use the services of Factory Plant and the support they offer.

Barry RowleyMaintenance Manager - TATA Steel

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