Machinery Transportation & Storage

Factory Plant Associates Ltd offer machinery transportation and storage whilst you decide on the sale, relocation or to reduce the capacity to your premises for short or long term.

With competitive rates your machines are in safe hands. FPA has a non productive warehouse, which means once it is positioned it will never get moved around the shop floor for any reason.

Apart from floor space, we offer shelving and rack systems that offer maximum storage capacity and easy product access.

We can power up and demonstrate your machines if they are ready for resale to add value.

Our warehouse is alarmed within the perimeters and gated on a small industrial estate, so security is closely monitored.

Factory Plant Associates Ltd have an abundance of vehicles  for transport and storage, each having their own capabilities.

Semi low loaders, with options to fully weather proof curtains and sliding roofs, stretched to over 20 meter capacity, hydraulic ramps, power steered or even equipped with a 100 ton per meter Hiab crane.

We have the correct trailer and supporting tractor unit to help in any situation.

As you look through our website you will see many different photographs with our trailers carrying different equipment. If you don’t see the type of trailer you think you require, remember, it’s challenging to capture a good image to portray on the website, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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