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“We provide the best in customer service and satisfaction with professional results”

Since 1946 Factory Plant Associates Limited (formerly known as Factory Plant Removals Ltd) has been in the business of moving equipment and machinery throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. Browse our selection of Case Studies or Videos & Photos to find out more about our professional service.

We are a specialist contractor providing a comprehensive service for removal and installation of automated manufacturing systems and machinery. This includes and supported by:

  • Single machine moves
  • Internal relocation
  • New equipment installations
  • Factory removal
  • International relocation
  • Secondary M&E installation / disconnection
  • Equipment transport and storage
  • Machinery Dismantling
  • Factory clearance and full clean up
  • Transporting heavy plant and abnormal loads
  • UK and European dedicated Transport
  • Fabrication work to modify any plant installation
  • Electrical, Water, Gas and Air
  • Groundwork and Civil Engineering
  • Vehicles and plant have tracking devices fitted to ensure we keep our customers updated on timings and there asset security / safety

What do we offer?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Professional Service
  • Quick Response Time


F.P.A. identify in all cases the importance of confidentiality in its relationship with clients. To this end, the company and its employees recognise that specifications and information provided in the course of contract work shall not be disclosed to other parties without written consent

Company Insurance

To protect it’s clients from financial and legal exposure, the work carried out by the company is covered by the following insurance:

  • Engineering all risks and any one accident limit is £500,000. (additional values on request)
  • Public and products liability £10,000,000.
  • Employers liability unlimited.
  • Additional increases in cover can be arranged at your request subject to additional premiums
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