Green Credentials

We believe in “thinking green” in the workplace as we believe we can all play a part, however small, in making our lives more environmentally friendly.

When working together with our customers we integrate with their own Environmental and waste policies and systems to ensure a completely managed service. It is vitally important on major installation and dismantling projects that both energy efficiencies and waste control procedures are in place to provide the best possible practice.We use a site waste management plan that carefully segregates waste and monitors the type of waste created on site.

FPA Ltd hold waste disposal carrier licenses that are a legal requirement when removing and disposing of any waste material.

Services which include:

  • Investment in environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Oil disposed of via a tanker collection service.
  • Wood and cardboard from factory clearances disposed of via a recycling plant.
  • Old machinery and metals recycled, working with reputable recycling Companies FPA have major accounts to help dispose of surplus assets, values and predicted weights will be highlighted to the customer to ensure the best cost effective solution can be met.

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