Plant Decommissioning

We have specialist engineers who undertake industrial plant and machinery decommissioning. They can decommission a single piece of equipment or they can decommission a full process line or site.

What is the utmost importance is that you don’t get confused with dismantling and decommission, they are two separate processes!

Decommission can include a very complex programme that takes a similar role to project management to ensure the following has been captured:

  • Review of all existing information, including extensive on-site surveys which mainly aim to identify components that shall be preserved, to verify the current situation and operability of all systems and to identify the best practices that can be applied but also possible future issues that may arise during decommissioning activities.
  • Executive design of all decommissioning phases, i.e. refurbishment, installation of provisional confinements and treatment stations, dismantling, segmentation and decontamination activities, evacuation and disposal of resulting material.
  • Refurbishment (design and procurement) of auxiliary systems and provision of new systems that are necessary for the subsequent decommissioning activities, including:
  • Ventilation system
  • EC&I system
  • Radiation Monitoring system
  • Fire Detection and Suppression system
  • Effluent Collection system
  • Handling devices
  • Civil modifications and installation on temporary confinement structure in order to facilitate dismantling activities and to avoid any spread of contamination from dirty to clean areas.
  • Design, procurement and installation of provisional confined station dedicated to segmentation, decontamination and asbestos removal.

Like all our projects, we project manage the plant decommissioning service very carefully to ensure that we deliver on time and on budget.

FPA is the industry expert in decomissioning machinery and plant decommissioning. Our mechanical and electrical engineers along with our approved contractors regarding pipefitters, gas engineers, ventilation, heat induction and civil works are fully qualified and experienced to decommission and dismantle the following:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Industrial plant
  • Factory equipment
  • A complete site
  • Electrical equipment
  • Excess equipment, plant and machinery

The health and safety of everyone on the site, including your employees and ours, is of the upmost importance. We therefore ensure that a full decomissioning risk assessment is undertaken at the beginning of the plant decommissioning project, and is monitored and managed throughout the project.

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