Moving Equipment in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing equipment and tooling are extremely heavy and require careful dismantling and decommissioning to be moved without damage. At F.P.A. Ltd., we provide a full-spectrum service to dismantle, lift, and transport heavy machinery, as well as storage, delivery and installation.

We work across the UK and worldwide as industrial movers, working with large equipment and tooling to get your machines where they need to go.

Our Key Services for Manufacturers

Working to meet the needs of our customers, we undertake the role of prime installation contractor for a project. The main services we provide for manufacturing companies include:

While we specialise in heavy machinery lifting, handling and transport, our capabilities extend to plant and site decommissioning and recommissioning to original specification. We also prepare, pack and export machinery to most ports worldwide. Scrap valuations are available on request if you require machinery disposal.

Industrial Machinery Removal and Installation Across Manufacturing Sectors

We provide manufacturing plant removal and installation services for manufacturers across all industry sectors, including Printing, Roll Forming, Plastics, Machine Tool Manufacturers and Foundries. Whether you need to move a die-casting tool or a heat press machine, our experienced team provide full support for any factory relocation.

Our previous manufacturing clients include:

  • Tata Steel
  • Brett Martin
  • Specsavers
  • Rico
  • Colson Group
  • Belpac
  • And more!

View our case studies and testimonials to find out more.

Foundry Machine Movers

We deliver and remove foundry machinery including induction furnaces, arc furnaces, hot forming process, centrifugal casting, extrusion, forging, full mould casting, die casting, plaster mould casting, sand casting, cold forming process, burnishing, cold forging, hubbing, impact extrusion, peening, sizing and thread rolling.

Printing & Textile Machinery Movers

FPA services include moving large printing presses, labelling machines, screen printing machines, offset printing machines, heat press machines, weaving machines, ginning machines and yarn spinning equipment.

Choose F.P.A. Ltd. Industrial Equipment Movers

We specialise in the removal and installation of industrial machinery. Our current team shares over 100 years of experience in managing the transport, installation and dismantling of machinery. We are qualified in all aspects of lifting heavy machinery, including project management. We provide cost-effective pricing, always keeping our values of integrity and ethics front and centre in our decision-making.

To discuss your heavy machinery transport project, or for free, no-obligation advice, call Factory Plant Associates Ltd. on 0121 544 4774. You can also request a call-back using our enquiry form. No job is too big or too small for our team.

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