Project Overview

FPA Ltd were awarded the contract to remove an old incinerator plant in Wolverhampton and replace it with a brand new modern day concept.

The photographs were captured during the dismantling stage which took approximately 8 weeks to dismantle and remove starting in May 2018. waste segregation was key, so we had to knock out around 30 ton of refractory bricks from the steel structures for landfill.

We have a high value of belief and commitment towards our environment so we ensured everything was segregated and disposed of correctly.

Removal and Disposal of Guano (Pigeon Droppings) was another main issue we were faced with before work commenced!!

We ensured and verified with our client that we researched on the removal process, understood and applied a COSHH assessment data sheet before any work commenced and carried out the process for removal before any work was carried out.

With constant communication with our client, the project was successfully completed in February 2019

(we couldn’t take that many photos of the operation, the photos’ you see are approximately 50% through the programme, one of those project phases that Health and Safety was more of a priority than capturing images)