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Project Overview

A simple phone call meant that we had to respond to a very important request, ‘we need to have a quote to move our infrastructure from one side of a MOD ‘base camp’ (VC10 aircraft maintenance facility) to another……..is this something you can help us with?

Never to be deterred, we acknowledged their request and travelled down to the site, after all we have worked within many MOD sites and always support our ‘troops’ and assist with their requirements.

On arrival, this was no simple feat. Heavy machinery had to be moved from their old location to their new site, the machines indicated were simple, the time constraints were not as plausible, after all we were going to stop the Defence Support Group from carrying out there contractual agreements to the RAF!

The concerns to the DSG were as follows;

  • They had to notify the RAF exactly how long they would be inoperative.
  • They had scheduled aircrafts arriving – no matter what time we agreed to relocate the facilities.
  • The new location that was designated to the DFG was unsuitable to the machinery that had to be reinstated; one machine a Huron SX was too tall for the aperture for the internal room entrance.

FPA Ltd, were not deterred by the timescales that were outlined to them, although other competitors were more resided to use a safe approach and insist on a longer window to complete the task. We gave confidence to the procurement department that this was achievable and on face value, halved our competitors evaluation to the task

Project Conclusion

The result was as predetermined as outlined; we completed the task within 1 week. In fact we hold great esteem to giving belief and being allowed to complete this task.

Unfortunately we were unable to take any photographs of our venture, but we were pleased, in fact ecstatic that we received a letter of recommendation from the gentleman that decided to use our services.

Thank you for reading our latest case studies, we shall continue to update them in order for you to have a belief and reason to ask for our assistance

Simplistic solutions is what we aim to achieve, no matter how complex the project may be.

Client Testimonial

Read what our client said about the project…

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your professional manner with which Factory Plant Associates Ltd relocated our heavy machinery to our new manufacturing facility.

I was most impressed with the efficiency and flexibility you all set about achieving the task when our agreed relocation schedule had to be revised to meet the requirements of the business when we had to prioritise the use of our resources to meet the business relocation plan. This had to be managed during a very short window of opportunity and completed on time to receive the next aircraft under our contracted aircraft maintenance schedule.

I would also like to thank you for providing further assistance when our arrangements for transportation failed at the last minute where we had to undertake to relocate some of the other heavier machines ourselves. Although the transportation failure was through no fault of our own, you were able to lend your considerable expertise, manpower and equipment to help us over the hurdle within your tight relocation schedule helping us to achieve ours. Your flexibility and willingness to help others whilst not taking advantage of a deteriorating situation does you credit.

It is for these reasons that I would personally recommend Factory Plant Associates Ltd to any company that has a requirement to move machinery, plant and equipment of any kind from one place to another in a safe and uneventful manner.

Phil Davies

Procurement Manager

Defence Support Group

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