18th February 2019

The project started recently and the first stage is preparation which we are currently achieving. This involves us to completely isolate the area from the working environment using a Heavy Duty Superior Quality Fire retarded netting, approximately 250 meters external coverage with a 7 meter drop. The material we are using is commonly used for covering scaffolding for large long term projects. Why fire retarded? To eliminate any doubt if hot work permits for cutting or grinding are required.

The project is estimated to take 8 weeks and to integrate weekend work to minimise on customer downturn.

You can see the photographs captured to date below. Keep returning to the website to find out what project we are undertaking and revealing some more interesting information and photographs!

As you can now see through captured photographs it is a 120 ton furnace that needs dismantling and removing from site! Scroll from left to right so ensure you use the tab on the right side of the page to guide you through each image.

As this particular project draws to closure, we are delighted  that we kept within Budget and timescale……….but of course that is what we expected!!!!

30th April 2019

All the fire retardant sheeting has now been removed and the area has now been handed back to the Client, another very successful project completed.

Official reports from the project:

Reportable injuries = 0   Minor injuries = 0  Days lost = 0  unforeseen damages = 0  Near misses = 0

Principles and objectives = 100%  Budget = 100%  Timescale = 100%  recycled waste = 100%    Health and Safety standards = 100%   communication and cooperation = 100%